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pallet Racks

There’s a reason pallet racks are used for storage in just about every warehouse: they’re effective, affordable and help utilize a maximum amount of space. However an unorganized pallet system or using old, outdated pallets can lead to safety hazards and other issues that limit efficiency. Located in Santa Fe Springs and helping the surrounding areas for decades, the experts at Racksource are here to make sure your warehouse storage facility gets the upgrades it needs without overspending.

Why Choose Pallet Racks

While there are multiple options to choose from when it comes to warehouse storage, pallet racks are still one of the most popular and for good reason. Pallet racks give you benefits such as:

  • More Space- The biggest reason people choose pallet racks is all of the space that it helps save your warehouse. Since they are vertically stacked you get more floor space and room for storage which both are key to higher profits.
  • Safety- Pallet racks ensure improved safety for everyone in the warehouse. Since pallet racks are made from high quality materials, when used right with the proper capacity a pallet rack system can hold various sizes and weights throughout your warehouse.
  • Convenience- Pallet racking is a convenient storage system to choose because they focus on vertical space instead of spread out covering more square footage in your warehouse. It is easier and more efficient to store and bring down pallets using a forklift. This also increases productivity and overall business efficiency as well.

Southern California’s Go To Experts

At Racksource we work closely with you to find the right new or used pallet racks as well as fully licensed and bonded contractors to install them. Conveniently located in Santa Fe Springs we also service surrounding cities and counties including:

  • Riverside
  • San Bernadino
  • Orange County
  • Ventura County
  • Los Angeles

Instead of settling for old, inefficient pallet racks see why so many warehouses choose Racksource to help them update and improve all of their storage needs. Call today for a free consultation and to begin looking at all of your options.