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cantilever rack

An alternative to standard pallet racks, a cantilever rack is a great way to store specific items when applicable. Finding the right system for your warehouse can be difficult to do on your own so see why so many businesses and warehouses turn to the experts at Racksource Inc. to help make the process as easy and smooth as possible.

What Is a Cantilever Rack

Typically a cantilever rack is the preferred storage method for warehouses that work with long objects like lumber or pipes. They can support almost any weight and objects that need to be stacked out of the way or kept flat for extended periods of time. They provide warehouses with multiple storage benefits such as:

  • Easy to install- Since they don’t have actual shelves it’s much easier to adjust the height and angle of the arms. This makes it easier to store a wide variety of loads and helps to reduce the handling time and keeps the stock more accessible whenever you need it.
  • Saves Money & Time- By improving warehouse efficiency and storage capabilities workers can find any needed materials or items faster. They also lead to more available storage space for other items, which increases deeper storage options.
  • Easily Store Harder to Shelve Items- The design of cantilever racks mean that it’s easier to securely store thinner, longer items like pipe, lumber or steel racks/beams.

How Racksource Inc. Helps

At Racksource Inc. we specialize in finding wholesale pricing on new and used cantilever racks for warehouses and businesses of all sizes and floor space availability. From there we also find you the right professionals for the job that are fully licensed, bonded and insured to install your new racks properly.

We know that it can be difficult to sort through all of the storage options available on your own and that’s why we’re here to help make it easier. We offer our quality services for areas all throughout Southern California including:

  • Santa Fe Springs
  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • Ventura County
  • San Bernardino

Consultations are always free so please call us today to speak with a member of our team. We’re here to help answer any questions you may have so that you can find the best storage options possible for your warehouse.